The Gorgeous Splendor of Spain – Garajonay National Park

The Canary Islands are one of the very sought-after tourist spots in Spain. The Canary Islands are situated off the northwestern coast of Africa, bordering Morocco. The shores in the Canary Islands are known for their beauty, hygiene and water sports. Actually it is considered to be the most perfect position for those who want to invest their holiday in the absolute most interesting setting possible. The uniqueness of the Canary Islands is that in addition to the great beaches additionally there are several mountains or large rock formations which run similar to the beaches. Certainly one of the most popular steel formations is Garajonay Hill which will be about 4000 legs high. That steel development is found inland on the island of Manhunter Gomera that will be among the smaller of the Canary Islands.   tượng gỗ đẹp nhất

That stone formation is covered by thick subtropical forest. Contemplating its ecological significance, the federal government of Spain has stated the Garajonay steel formation and the forest bordering it as a National Park and has specified this protected area. UNESCO also offers reported this region as a Earth History Site. The Garajonay National Park has become a popular tourist place due to its picturesque organic environment. Interestingly, if one opinions the picture of Garajonay National Park as extracted from satellite, he would be amazed to find that the entire park looks like an item of artwork built on a palm leaf.

The Garajonay mountain also delivers in good rainfall which has led to the abundant vegetation. The top is usually covered by haze and the popular laurel trees is found in abundance here. In accordance with archeologists, that stone is of volcanic origin. The lovely wooden statues of Gara and Jonay, which have a star associated using them, are one of the very visited places in that park. The park has most of the amenities for the tourist to savor his stay.’Laurisilva’is the key kind of vegetation growing in this park. Apart from the substantial rock formations some of the uncommon species of flora and fauna may also be discovered here. The forest has several reptiles along with different crazy dog species. It can also be the house for most birds. The stripeless pine frog is a unusual species of frog that can be found here. You will find large footpaths which help the tourists to go trekking. It’s suggested that the tourists should be along with a experienced visit guide while trekking.

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