Reflexology Is Significantly More Than Just a Foot Massage

A couple of years before, I was requested to be the keynote audio for the New Zealand Reflexology Association conference. They explained I would intend on my keynote presentation being 1.5 hours. Today I have presented many workshops, trainings, and displays but I was never a keynote audio so this is anything new for me. What was Perhaps to supply for their opening discussion keynote? With 1.5 hours I was told to create the tone because of their week-end event. I sure as heck did not understand what I would say. As I began to work with my keynote, I made a decision to wrap it with their design which they called’Getting to the Heart of Reflexology “.That topic was linked to the Wizard of Ounce because it was their 10th anniversary and a decade pertains to jar, thus, the Container Man who was buying heart.   reflexology cape town


Spiritual educators tell us that the easiest way to discover our true function is always to first realize who we actually are. What this means is knowing how exactly we think, what our limiting values are and what maintains us interested and enthusiastic about something. As Reflexologists, our awareness and love of our job tells us a great deal about ourselves. There is something wonderful about Reflexology that keeps people in the overall game and curious to examine more of this wonderful healing modality.

Each people has our personal reasons for continuing with this practice and staying on the yellow brick path seeking to clarify our trip as we go along. And just like the Jar Person, The Lion, The Scarecrow, and Dorothy, we follow our trails wherever it takes people – each for our own factors and each step as you go along, clarifies more of the trip itself.

My journey started about 45 years ago briefly following the demise of my first partner when I was 27. I had 2 girls and it absolutely was early 70’s. For anyone as old as I am, you will understand that the 70’s were a time of distress, strong improvements in the way people gone about doing their lives, challenging the machine, rocking the boat, and producing several older persons to scratch their brains and wonder what has become folks as an individual race. I determined to move from my little home town in New York State to the large town of Toronto to pursue my education. I wanted to learn to be me by myself phrases and I desired to determine my very own path.

This was alarming occasionally but I realized, like Dorothy who was seeking to get back to her house, I wanted to find out my way back to myself – my foundation of who I am. Along that trip, I was fortunate enough to marry Statement, who was also widowed and had a small daughter and blending our families, we turned the Brady Bunch.

Bill introduced me to meditation which led me to take my first yoga teachers education in Toronto. One evening following class, my yoga instructor said he needed to show me some force stage work. I was lucky enough to have monthly pains during the time and he did some items on me which entirely dissipated the pains and I believed, whoa, that sure defeats Midol pills.

Concerning this same time Bill’s daughter, Ian was identified as having a curve in his spine and we were sent to Sunnybrook Hospital for X-Rays. The X-Rays indicated that Ian’s trendy bone fit into his cool socket incorrectly which finished with one knee much faster compared to the other. I asked my yoga instructor about the force level function and if it could help Ian which light emitting diode me to my first reflexology teaching called Vita Flex.

I told the teacher about Ian’s knee and he’d me bring Ian to him and demonstrated what I should work on to stability the difference taking devote Ian at that time. He said there is truly a leg-lengthening point in the collar bone and besides pressing this point, I was instructed to thumb go down both parties of Ian’s backbone and press into the shoulder edge points and the trendy place factors combined with spinal reactions in the hands and feet. That needed me all 2 moments each and every day and after a few months, we delivered to Sunnybrook for yet another group of X-rays. Ian was absolutely normalized. We were very pleased!

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